“Hacking Life” – Andrew Hessel’s vivid talk today about his visionary ‘open source’ oncolytic viral therapy


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This is my first ever, post. First ever blog. And what triggered this long-standing (and never materialized) plan to start my blog? Andrew Hessel’s talk at the University this evening. It was a fascinating one full hour talk, watching a scientist – businessman – public speaker, endorse his impeccable science communication skills, to convince you about his revolutionary mission (will it be successful or not? Time will tell) on affordable, personalized therapeutics for cancer treatment.

Tomorrow, along with two other University colleagues, I get this chance to chat with Andrew Hessel. More of those details later.

If nothing, I took one message home this evening. Life and career, and the passion that fuels life and career, is a continuum. Even when in doubt, keep (yeah, calm and move on) exploring! I’m at the cusp of deciphering my next career move as I close on my six-year PhD. And this talk today, somehow made me hopeful and cheery.

Thanks, Andrew!