The laughter of children brought back life into the backyard. Montessori school, little tiny tots. Middle school, raging teenagers. Their lives and of mine are separated by a mere fence. Empty mind, yet far from a deep, meditated sleep. Scoring a bucket list of things-to-do brings hope and cheer. The morning kiss, sunshine through the window, and the quiet humming sound of the bird were so missed. Deepening happiness through deliberation.

The profused sense of wanting digital anonymity and obsession weaned me out of the need to check emails. Left over breakfast batters and a post-match analysis swept the mind and its circling pattern. Awareness, retaliation, acceptance and proaction replace chaos with order. Mother’s voice. Reminiscing the selfless love of a childhood street vendor.

Finish strong. Duty. Dedication. Discipline. Doing what needs to be done, doing more than what was needed. Dedicating thy self. Doing the right thing. Demonstrating character. Time will be the best judge.