Last night while driving back home – we heard this beautiful talk by Dan Gilbert. Usually while driving, we are not the kind who will patiently lend a ear to talks that require us to listen intently and reflect upon. But I found this talk very interesting.

I am a big big fan, I suppose that’s okay to say that, of the current Dalai Lama. I love his clarity of thought, and articulation. I admire his philosophies on compassion, for it’s not easy to preach compassion and happiness without sounding overly idealistic or cliched. He is my rockstar. I feel fortunate that his talks, interviews and books are accessible to me. Happiness is truly a conscious state of mind. Consciously, I say, because any thought is a deliberation. It is a choice, afterall.

I’m taking the #100happydays challenge. I have chosen to avoid the publicity that it entails by posting it on facebook or social media. I will be personally emailing my every happy day to the challenge directly. Are you going to join me in the happy day challenge? Please do! 🙂